Welcome to the TDC Technical Duroplastic Constructions GmbH

TDC is a special operation of the production and processing (GfK) glass fiber reinforced plastic products.

We produce complete solutions in almost all dimensions, pressure ratings and nominal rigidities. Our products (GfK - moldings, shafts, covers, coatings, special constructions) are used in civil engineering and pipeline construction, container construction, sewage works, landfill construction and Flächentragwerksbau because they are extremely resistant by our special Kunststofftechnik.
Glass fiber reinforced plastic - is a composite material made of a thermosetting material (mainly polyester resins) and fiberglass. The fibers give the material strength. The individual material components can be processed so that it is possible the product characteristics that suit almost every need. Key features and benefits of GfK:

  • the coating or the moldings are very resistant to temperature and pressure, they have an excellent UV and weathering resistance
  • the GRP manholes and pipes have good resistance to chemicals
  • In addition, they have good mechanical characteristics
  • GfK - moldings have good insulating properties (low thermal conductivity, high dielectric properties)
  • are non-magnetic, they favor no sparks
  • Fire resistant (the coating is in the heat not soft)
  • the coating has high impact (vandalism and corrosion protection)
  • the moldings have a relatively low weight, making it a quick and efficient installation compared to conventional materials possible

Hardly any other material which offers so many benefits. GfK can achieve greater strength than metal, wood, concrete or ceramic building materials and is also lighter and especially corrosion-resistant. Fiberglass plastics have proven now awarded in various fields as a supporting construction material. In addition to the classical applications in shipbuilding, bodywork and aircraft construction GfK secured in recent years also a permanent place in the construction industry. In the field of sanitation robust, dense and chemically resistant pipes are required, the GfK - pipes coating.

For the TDC the biggest Coating

Pipeline protection system "pau wrap ®" pipe coating for the
building project NEL. With a length of 2268m.
The pipes with a diameter of 1400mm and a weight of about 15 tons, after processing about one ton more.
The Implementation period is 23.07. - 22.09.2010.